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Through the permitting process, the Department of Code Enforcement works to ensure that all building projects are compatible with both the regulations outlined in the Uniform Construction Code and the zoning restrictions presented in our municipal code. Except for minor maintenance jobs (i.e. replacement of siding, windows, or gutters), most construction activity requires a permit prior to the commencement of work, including:


  • Additions of new rooms or stories
  • Commercial cooking hoods
  • Deck construction or repair
  • Demolition
  • Driveway expansion (no permit is required for resurfacing if the size of the driveway is not altered)
  • Electrical wiring installation or repair
  • Excavation or grading
  • Fence installation (no fence may exceed 4 feet in height; privacy fences are not permitted)
  • Garage construction
  • HVAC installation
  • Porch construction or repair
  • Retaining wall construction or repair (no permit is required for retaining walls under 4 feet in height)
  • Roof construction or repair (no permit is required for minor patching)
  • Sewer taps
  • Sidewalk expansion (no permit is required for repair of existing slabs)
  • Sign installation (includes temporary commercial banners)
  • Stairway construction or repair (no permit is required if the stairway contains 3 or fewer risers)
  • Structural interior alterations
  • Swimming pool installation
  • Utility or storage shed installation


For the convenience of our citizens, our office uses a standardized Application for a Uniform Construction Permit that is valid for any building project except for the installation of commercial signage. Residents can complete a single form and receive a comprehensive permit for even the most complex of projects. Both this document and the Application for a Sign Permit are available below. The standard fee for a building permit is $40 for work that costs less than $1000; a charge of $10 is added for each additional $1000 in cost. The fee for demolition is $50 for a residential project and 1% of the total contract for a commercial project.  


Please note that plumbing system maintenance is regulated by the Allegheny County Health Department. County-issued permits are required for most plumbing improvements, including bathroom renovations and hot water thank replacement.  For more information about plumbing permits, please click here.


Application for Uniform Construction (Building) Permit
Date 2012-12-11 Filesize 260.99 KB Download 6249

Application for Sign Permit
Date 2012-12-11 Filesize 254.69 KB Download 5526

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