Brentwood Park Initiative Print


Brentwood is moving forward with plans to bring new amenities and updated facilities to our beloved park. Although our governmental leaders are playing a major role in the enhancements project, we owe a great deal of credit to the civically-minded residents behind the Brentwood Park Initiative (BPI) not-for-profit organization. BPI members have spearheaded this significant undertaking by conducting a series of meetings to gain extensive citizen input and by directing several successful fundraising drives. Brentwood Borough is proud to announce that, because of our receipt of a sizeable grant from the State of Pennsylvania, we will be able to transform the vision of our residents into reality.  


To become a member of the Brentwood Park Initiative or to make a donation to our cause, visit the organization website. For current information on the status of this significant project, please view the BPI document folder here.


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