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Local EIT Forms Now Available Print E-mail


Tax season is upon us again.  Please note that, although Jordan Tax Service has experienced a slight delay in distributing 2013 local earned income tax forms, residents can acquire these documents online here.

Notice to Landlords: Enhanced Rental Registration is in Effect Print E-mail


Rental property owners can expect to receive their annual tenant registration notification letter in the mail within the next several weeks.  As was the case in prior years, landlords are required to disclose the names of all rental unit occupants.  Additionally, our updated rental property ordinance features several significant changes that are designed to augment the Borough’s capacity to abate blight.  Landlords should be aware of the following stipulations:    


•    If the rental property is under the ownership of a corporation or other business entity, then the name, address, and phone number of a managing partner must be provided on the tenant registration form.  
•    If the property owner does not reside in Allegheny County or an adjacent county, then he or she must designate a responsible agent who lives in the aforementioned geographic area.  The responsible agent does not have to be affiliated with a professional management or maintenance company but rather can be any authorized adult individual aged 21 or older.  
•    All landlords are required to attain a rental license for each of their properties.  Initial licenses will be conditionally provided upon completion of the tenant registration form.  No license will be provided to the property owner until all delinquent real estate taxes and overdue sewage charges have been paid in full.  Operation of a rental unit without a license is illegal.      
•    Over the course of the next five (5) years, all rental property units in the Borough shall be subject to a health and safety inspection by the Building Code Official.  Failure to correct violations that are discovered in the course of the inspection could result in the revocation of the rental license. 


A complete copy of the tenant registration letter can be viewed online here.

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Brentwood Council Approves New Property Ordinances Print E-mail


The Department of Building Inspection/Code Enforcement has gained several new tools to combat property maintenance violations in our community. At its November meeting, Council approved the implementation of a more stringent rental registration program that significantly enhances the Borough’s capacity to hold absentee landlords accountable. While our original rental property program focused on gaining tenant identifying information so as to prevent earned income tax evasion, the new policy requires each unit to be inspected by the Building Code Official at least once per five year period. Property owners who fail to provide the Borough with a list of tenants, refuse to abate violations, or allow taxes or sewage payments to become delinquent shall have their rental license revoked. Additionally, landlords who live beyond the immediate Pittsburgh metro area are required to designate a local agent to receive notices from the municipality.


Council also authorized an ordinance that allows Brentwood to take advantage of the provisions of a new state anti-blight initiative. Our Borough now has the capacity to go after the financial assets of recalcitrant property owners as an alternative to filing liens against the parcel. Out-of-state landlords can be subject to extradition for property maintenance hearings. The ordinance also allows the Borough to deny building permits to property owners with unpaid taxes or delinquent sewage charges.

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