Thursday, 08 October 2015
Borough Contacts

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# Name Position Phone
1 General Inquiries
2 George Zboyovsky Borough Manager 412-884-1500 x112
3 Mary Lou Garase Administrative Assistant 412-884-1500 x112
4 Karen McWilliams Sewage Collection Clerk 412-884-1500 x118
5 Susan Toth Finance/Human Resources Director 412-884-1500 x119
6 Ralph Costa Building Code Official 412-884-1500 x117
7 Eric Peccon Asst. Manager/Asst. Code Officer 412-884-1500 x116
8 Robert Mackewich Public Works Director 412-884-1500 x113
9 Vitali Alexandrov Asst. Public Works Director 412-884-1500 x120
10 Jim Attanucci Recreation Director 412-884-1500 x135
11 Police Department Non-Emergency Inquiries 412-884-2600
12 Dennis Troy Mayor 412-884-1500 x130
13 Marty Vickless President of Council 412-884-1500 x165
14 John Frombach Vice President of Council 412-884-1500 x166
15 Rich Schubert President Pro Tempore of Council 412-884-1500 x163
16 Pat Carnevale Member of Council 412-884-1500 x161
17 Dean Trent Member of Council 412-884-1500 x162
18 Bob Pasquantonio Member of Council 412-884-1500 x164
19 Stephanie Fox Member of Council 412-884-1500 x167

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