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Dumpsters and “bagsters” provide an invaluable service to property owners who are renovating a building or who are engaging in a substantial spring cleaning project. Similarly, the use of storage PODs and other portable containers can alleviate some of the stress of moving. However, when these items are housed on a property for an extended period of time, they can become major eyesores. In Brentwood Borough, homeowners are not required to obtain a permit for the placement of dumpster, “bagster,” or storage POD within the confines of a driveway or parking pad.   These receptacles must be removed from the property within ten (10) days of delivery.

A permit is required to store any of the above items on a public thoroughfare. Residents must complete the Application for a Dumpster or Storage POD Permit below and return this form to the Department of Building Inspection/Code Enforcement prior to delivery. The permit is valid for ten (10) days, is nonrenewable, and is issued at a cost of $35. 


Application for Dumpster or Storage POD Permit
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