Sunday, 23 November 2014
  • Brentwood Park Initiative: Phase III of this highly anticipated project is under way! Newly constructed stadium bleachers are coming soon.


    Roadway Projects: Per the approved five-year street repair plan, sections of Pyramid, Glendale, and Bellecrest Avenue have been reconstructed. The Borough has contracted with the City of Pittsburgh to resurface the portion of Churchview Avenue that abuts both municipalities.  Additionally, GIS mapping software is presently being used to analysis parking data on our most crowded thoroughfares. 


    Zoning Ordinance: The entirely overhauled zoning code is available for view here. It is designed to preserve the community's current aesthetics while concurrently increasing opportunities for businesses.  To further spur development and to improve transit connections, a potential zoning overlay district for the Route 51 corridor is being assessed.


    Recreational Programming: Brentwood Borough is pleased to offer an array of interesting and exciting programs for both children and adults. Click here to find out more!

Contractor Registration & Insurance


The Home Improvement Consumer Protector Act mandates that any firm that performs renovation or maintenance on an existing residential structure must apply for a license from the State of Pennsylvania. Exceptions are only provided for “handymen” who perform less than $5000 in total work per year and large building supply retailers (i.e. Lowes, Home Depot, Sears) that offer home installation service. Electricians, plumbers, roofers, pavers, HVAC installers, and other general contracting and labor companies must verify their registration prior to obtaining a building permit from the Borough. To register your business or to find out if the contractor that you’ve hired has procured the necessary license, visit the Attorney General's website.


To prevent accidents that impact worker safety and damage the property of Borough residents, all contractors are also required to carry liability insurance. The Department of Building Inspection/Code Enforcement requests that applicants present proof insurance along with their building permit form.


Borough Vision Statement

Logo100x100The Borough of Brentwood is a unified, family-oriented community with a strong commitment to civic pride and traditions.  While preserving these standards, ideals and traditions, the community shall strive to provide a high quality of life for all, a superior educational system and residential areas with a more suburban character.  The community shall support established businesses while encouraging future economic development and effective local government, all within a safe and clean environment.

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