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Are you interested in purchasing a home in our attractive and welcoming community? Prior to closing, the Department of Code Enforcement will require several pieces of documentation. The transaction process is initiated when our office receives a request from the applicable closing company for an occupancy permit, a dye test certification, a sewer lateral certification, and a municipal lien letter, as well as all applicable fees. The cost for the inspection is $50 per unit for a residential structure or $100 per unit for a commercial building; a $50 processing charge is attached to each of the latter three items. The total fee for the sale of a single family home is $200. The closing company must submit these funds along with a completed application for an occupancy permit.


Brentwood Borough mandates that the current owner of the property commissions a dye test at cost from a registered master plumber. This simple assessment is used to detect illegal stormwater connections to the sanitary sewer system. Plumbers must use the Dye Test Report form found below to record the results of the test.   As of May 2014, Brentwood Borough also requires a sewer lateral camera inspection to be performed as a condition of every sale.  For questions about this program, consult the FAQ document below.  The plumber must submit a DVD copy of the inspection video to our office.  All final determinations related to required repairs will be made by Department of Building/Code Enforcement.


The Building Code Official must also conduct a quick-but-thorough examination of the premises to ensure that no critical health or safety violations are present. The inspection checklist can be found below for relator or purchaser reference. If any deficiencies are noted, the prospective buyer will be required to sign the checklist and consent to a re-inspection to verify that all repairs have been completed.  Finally, the department will issue a document that outlines any liens that have been filed against the property for delinquent sewage or outstanding property maintenance bills. Please note that all liens must be satisfied before the date of closing.


Application for Occupancy Permit
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Dye Test & Camera Inspection Report
Date 2012-12-11 Filesize 97.48 KB Download 7465

SAMPLE Occupancy Inspection Report
Date 2012-12-11 Filesize 80.21 KB Download 5841

Sewer Lateral Repair Escrow Agreement
Date 2015-12-18 Filesize 79.49 KB Download 1865

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