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Many landlords take seriously their duty to keep tenants safe and have a keen interest in the health of our community. Unfortunately, some landlords, especially those who live long distances from the Borough, are concerned only with profit maximization. Brentwood Council has recently enacted a revised rental registration and licensing program, which expands the authority of the Department of Code Enforcement to crack down on noncompliant rental property owners.

Over a decade ago, Brentwood authorized the establishment of a basic tenant registration program, which increased our capacity to ensure that all residents, including those who do not own real estate, satisfy their local earned income tax levy. Today, as then, landlords are required to annually submit a list of tenants; owners must also inform the Borough each time that a change in occupancy occurs. The yearly registration processing fee is $10 per unit.  

Our improved rental property ordinance, which launched in 2013, requires all landlords to obtain an operating license and directs the Building Code Official to conduct an inspection of each rental unit in the Borough at least once every five years. This license may be revoked for unpaid real estate taxes, delinquent sewage fees, or failure to abate major code violations. Renting without a license is a summary offense punishable by a fine of up to $1000.

Please note than any property owner who does not reside in Allegheny County or an adjacent county must designate a person age 21 or older who lives in the aforementioned area as a responsible agent. This individual shall be charged with receiving all notices of violation and shall have responsibility to remedy any code infractions.

To apply for a rental license or to register a new tenant, please complete the Tenant Occupancy Report form below.


Tenant Registration Report
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Rental Registration Notification Letter
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Rental Registration & Licensing Exemption Affidavit
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SAMPLE Rental Inspection Report
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