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To enhance the quality of customer service while simultaneously improving revenue collections, Brentwood Borough has recently overhauled its sewage and refuse billing procedures. The Borough has contracted with PNC Bank and Software Systems to assist with the in-house generation of monthly statements. Upon receipt of the bill, residents can detach the perforated coupon from the lower half of the document and mail with a check using the conveniently enclosed envelope to Box 645304 Pittsburgh, PA 15264. Alternatively, customers can utilize Payer Express to satisfy a bill using a debit or credit card, or to sign up for automatic withdrawal from a bank account. Current bills CANNOT be paid in person at the municipal building or by mailing funds to the Borough's physical address. The Borough will only accept payments at the window if the customer has been posted with a termination of service placard. Once this notice has been served, the customer must make payment at the municipal building or through Payer Express; personal checks are not considered to be a valid payment instrument for the satisfaction of delinquent balances.


The Department of Administration is tasked with collecting sewage and refuse fees. If you have have a question regarding your account, please call (412) 884-1500 x118 or x115. The answers to a number of general billing questions are provided in the "FAQ" document below.  Because Brentwood Borough receives sewage treatment services from the Allegheny County Sanitary Authority, low and moderate income customers in our municipality are eligible for a special discount on the sewage portion of their bill.  Consult the attached flyer to learn more about the Clean Water Assistance Fund, which provides qualifying residents with a statement credit in the amount of $120 per year.


Sewage Billing FAQ
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ALCOSAN Clean Water Assistance Fund Flyer
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