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As a community with a vibrant small business traditional, Brentwood Borough appreciates the entrepreneurial spirit of transient merchants.  However, we also value highly the right of our residents to quiet enjoyment and strive to protect our citizens from scams.  Solicitors or peddlers interested in vending merchandise in Brentwood Borough must complete the Application for Solicitation Permit form below.  Merchants must also consent to a background check by the Brentwood Police Department and must provide the municipality with two recent photographs, which shall be affixed to the licenses of approved retailers.  Additionally, vendors who are requesting to engage in the door-to-door dealing of products are required to supply a complete set of fingerprints to the Police Department on the form enclosed on the final page of the permit application.  The fee for commercial solicitation is $35 per day, while nonprofit organizations can obtain a permit to sell merchandise for charitable purposes at no cost.    


Because Brentwood Borough respects the desire of its residents for privacy, we afford our citizens the opportunity to be placed on a restricted residences list.  By completing the Exclusion from Solicitation Request below, you can receive a free “no solicitation” sticker for your property.  Please note that per federal law, the Borough cannot prevent political, religious, or other nonprofit organizations from engaging in solicitation for informational purposes.  Not-for-profit groups are only required to attain a permit if they are engaging in commercial activity.


Application for Peddling or Solicitation Permit
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Exclusion from Solicitation Request
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