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The Department of Public Works is committed to keeping our roadways free of dirt and debris. To improve the cleanliness of our community, the DPW conducts street sweeping on a minimum monthly basis, except during the winter season. Our modern and power equipment removes unsightly litter and plant waste while concurrently helping the Borough to comply with stormwater quality mandates. Additionally, the department performs an intensive cleaning of municipal catch basins during the spring season.


Street sweeping will take place during the second and fourth weeks of each month from April through September. The current schedule can be found in PDF format below. Please assist our employees by adhering to the following guidelines:


  • Remove parked vehicles, garbage bins, and sporting equipment from the street prior to sweeping day.
  • Do not rake leaves into the street or gutter. The sweeper’s vacuum is not designed to collect concentrated piles of waste.
  • Keep trees trimmed to a minimum 14’ 6’’ clearance so as to accommodate the height of the sweeper.
  • Do not throw any garbage into the storm drain. It is illegal to pour cooking grease, chlorinated pool water, or chemicals of any kind into the sanitary sewer system.    


Street Sweeping Schedule
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