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Speeders beware in our neighborhoods! Brentwood Borough is proud to be a walking community. However, too often our citizens feel unsafe when crossing the street due to the presence of unsafe drivers. In our increasingly motorized society, the use of low volume residential streets as shortcuts to congested routes has become a common phenomenon across the country. The Police Department is working diligently to take back the streets from drivers who have no regard for the safety of their peers. Our officers actively canvass all roadways, from busy Route 51 to little used dead ends, to ensure that traffic laws are upheld throughout our community.


Brentwood Borough is also a zero tolerance community for drunken driving. Intoxicated motorists cause over 10,000 needless deaths per year in the United States alone. Our officers are trained to be acutely aware of the signs of impaired driving, and our department makes use of DUI checkpoints to discourage motorists from partaking in this dangerous activity. Don’t risk losing your license…or losing your life. Use a designated driver or call for a taxi so as to ensure that every member of your party makes it home safely.  


In response to a rise in neighborhood traffic complains, the Borough has adopted a comprehensive Traffic Calming Policy. The prerequisites and stipulations for such a study can be found in the PDF file below. Additionally, consult our brochure for tips on how to avoid becoming an aggressive driver.


Traffic Calming Policy
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Aggressive Driving Brochure
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