Sunday, April 21, 2019


The Official Website of Brentwood Borough


Brentwood Municipal Building
3624 Brownsville Road, Brentwood, PA 15227

Main Offices: (412) 884-1500
Emergency & Non-Emergency Requests: 911
Informational Inquiries: (412) 884-2600

Meetings & Events

Initial "Brentwood Hummingbirds" youth soccer class: April 1st @ 5:30PM or 6:30PM (Brentwood Stadium)

Initial youth dek hockey class: April 3rd @ 6PM or 7PM (Brentwood Park)

Brentwood Park Initiative purse bash fundraiser: April 7th, 1PM to 4PM (Salvatore's Banquet Hall in Baldwin)

Intial "Brentwood Roadrunners" youth track & field class: April 8th @ 6:30PM (Brentwood Stadium)

Easter Egg Hunt: April 13th @ 12PM (Brentwood Stadium)

Council Agenda Meeting: April 15th @ 7:30PM (municipal building)

Council Regular Meeting: April 22nd @ 7:30PM (municipal building)

Initial "Little Hoop Stars" youth basketball class: April 25th @ 5:30PM or 6:30PM (Brentwood Park)

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Welcome From Our Borough Officials

Back row L to R: President Pro Tempore AJ Doyle, President Harold Smith, Councilman Bob Pasquantonio, Vice President John Frombach, Borough Manager George Zboyovsky

Front row L to R: Councilman Pat Carnevale, Councilwoman Stephanie Fox, Mayor Dennis Troy, Councilwoman Jennifer George

Borough Vision Statement

The Borough of Brentwood is a unified, family-oriented community with a strong commitment to civic pride and traditions.  While preserving these standards, ideals and traditions, the community shall strive to provide a high quality of life for all, a superior educational system and residential areas with a more suburban character.  The community shall support established businesses while encouraging future economic development and effective local government, all within a safe and clean environment.

A Certified Sustainable Community!