Monday, October 21, 2019


The two clerical workers that constitute the Borough’s administrative personnel serve as the public face of Brentwood by answering phone calls and providing prompt in-person aid to residents. Our administrative/clerical assistant serves as the Borough Manager's primary aide. Her duties include preparing the quarterly community magazine, maintaining municipal code books, organizing the Manager's appointments and files, depositing municipal funds, and ordering and inventorying supplies. A second clerical employee is primarily charged with the crucial task of collecting sewage and refuse fees.

Since 2016, Denise Assenti has served as the full time face of the Borough's front office. She brings over four decades of office management, bookkeeping, and customer support experience to our municipality. After spending the majority of her career with construction firms, Denise worked for a title company immediately prior to joining our staff. Karen McWilliams has been employed in a part time capacity since 2014. A lifelong Borough resident, she previously worked to provide telephone-based client service for area automobile dealerships.

Contact Denise Assenti

Denise Assenti
Administrative/Sewage Collection Clerk
412-884-1500 x115

Contact Amy Medway

Amy Medway
Administrative/Sewage Collection Clerk
412-884-1500 x118