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Brentwood Municipal Building
3735 Brownsville Road, Brentwood, PA 15227

Main Offices: (412) 884-1500
Emergency & Non-Emergency Requests: 911
Police Informational Inquiries: (412) 884-2600


Although rodents are often characterized as an inner-city problem, these harmful pests will congregate in any location that has a significant human presence. Mice and rats are more than just a frustrating annoyance; they are destructive carriers of infectious disease. Many homeowners assume that these creatures are only attracted to properties that have overgrown yards or scattered rubbish. However, the presence of bird feeders, unsealed pet dishes, uncovered garbage bins, or even fallen tree fruit can cause rodents to view your home as an easy meal ticket. Once these animals uncover a food source, they will then seek nearby shelter. Woodpiles or unsecured storage sheds serve as prime rodent accommodations. These pests also enter homes through gaps around vents, chimneys, or utility line connection points. Because of their exceptionally strong burrowing skills, these organisms have the ability to pass through holes that are smaller in diameter than a quarter!  


The Department of Public Works encourages all home and business owners to follow the prevention strategies outlined in the PDF document below. If you have sighted rodents encroaching upon your property, Brentwood Borough offers a free-of-charge baiting service. Just complete the Request for Rodent Baiting below, and a friendly DPW employee will place an effective rodenticide on the premises.  


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Welcome From Our Borough Officials

Back row L to R: Councilman Bob Pasquantonio, Councilman Mike Foyle, Councilman Steve Thomas, Councilman Rich Schubert, Vice President Harold Smith

Front row L to R: President Pro Tempore Melissa Lenigan, Mayor Pat Carnevale, President Dennis Troy, Manager George Zboyovsky

Borough Vision Statement

The Borough of Brentwood is a unified, family-oriented community with a strong commitment to civic pride and traditions.  While preserving these standards, ideals and traditions, the community shall strive to provide a high quality of life for all, a superior educational system and residential areas with a more suburban character.  The community shall support established businesses while encouraging future economic development and effective local government, all within a safe and clean environment.