Monday, February 24, 2020

For over a decade, Brentwood Borough officials grappled with a complex policy problem. The existing municipal building, which features a core that actually predates the founding of the community, was in an extremely deteriorated condition. However, renovations to the site or the relocation of operations would require a significant financial commitment. Successive councils carefully conducted their due diligence through an array of feasibility studies and cost analyses. This prudent review ultimately set the stage for a decision that will allow the Borough to reclaim an abandoned parcel while concurrently allowed the prime real estate that houses the current municipal building site to be opened to redevelopment. The transition of police and administrative operations to the former Snee Dairy took a major step forward on May 2nd, as our elected officials formally broke ground on an aesthetically pleasing, single-story facility. The Borough is adhering to an expediated timeline, and our leaders are proud to report that the building is scheduled to open its doors in just over 14 months.