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Governmental budgeting originated as a means by which to increase control and accountability over expenditures of taxpayer dollars.  Professionally-designed modern budgets also serve to educate citizens about municipal services and responsibilities, coordinate effective management by establishing performance standards, and bring long-term community planning to fruition.  The Borough Manager is charged with many crucial executive budgetary responsibilities, such as reviewing departmental funding requests, estimating anticipated revenues and expenditures, and formulating a draft budget for Council consideration.  In developing a financial plan for Brentwood, the Manger adheres to the five basic tenements of public sector budgeting:


The budget must carefully balance a number of competing concerns and constituency demands.
The budget must serve as an intelligible policy statement to citizens.
The budget must provide sufficient reserves so as to ensure continuous delivery of services.
The budget must reflect the ideas set forth in the municipality’s comprehensive plan.
The budget must contain performance metrics so as to serve as an effective management tool.


By using a series of annual financial workshops and by developing a multi-year strategic plan every few budget cycles, the Manager also ensures that the budget represents Council’s policy priorities.


Recent annual budgets, as well as our audited financial statements, can be viewed in their entirety here.

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