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One of Brentwood’s greatest assets is its attractive and well-maintained housing stock. However, like every older community, our municipality is not immune to the creeping specter of blight. The presence of just one uncut lawn or trash-ridden porch can send an entire block into a downward spiral of decay. Even relatively minor infractions, such as placing trash at the curb before the designated collection time or allowing overgrown hedges to infringe upon the sidewalk, can reflect negatively on our community to visitors. Additionally, some property maintenance issues, such as cracked retaining walls or dilapidated accessory structures, can pose severe hazards to neighboring properties or passersby.


Brentwood Borough takes seriously its duty to provide stringent and uniform enforcement of all property codes. The actions of our office improve the aesthetic appeal of the community, which serves to raise property values for current homeowners while concurrently increasing the attractiveness of the Borough to individuals who are in the market for a new home or storefront. The Department of Building Inspection/Code Enforcement works to enhance resident quality-of-life by removing eyesores and abating property nuisances. Strict code enforcement also functions as a mechanism by which to hold accountable those landlords who chose to defer basic property maintenance.


For a list of answers to frequently asked questions about our property codes, view the PDF document below. By following our simple rules and responding promptly to violation notices, residents can show pride in their community and can demonstrate their commitment to preserving its charming, neighborly character for future generations.


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