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“To protect and serve.” Most Americans are familiar with this motto of police departments from around the world. In Brentwood Borough, our officers truly embrace the meaning of this maxim by interacting with residents to understand neighborhood concerns, fairly and uniformly dispensing justice, and performing valuable public outreach and education. While our officers actively scan the Borough so as to deter illegal activity, crime prevention can only be made possible with community support. Our department operates in an efficient and professional manner, and our officers make every effort to build trust with local citizens. Vigilant residents serve as extra sets of eyes and ears for the Police Department. Individuals can help to keep crime out of our Borough by taking steps to assure that their homes and places of business are well secured, as well as by always maintaining cautious awareness of their surroundings when in a public locale.


Looking for some tips on how to stay safe? Then read our Community Resource Program brochure for important details.


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Non-Emergency Police Contact

Police Department
Informational Inquiries Only
Do NOT contact the department via email about any concern that requires an officer's response. All service calls must be directed to 911.