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The Department of Building Inspection/Code Enforcement is tasked with the regulation of fireworks sales on our municipality. Licensed retailers of Pennsylvania-legal fireworks may erect a temporary tent in which to sell their goods on private commercial property at the cost of $100 per day. Interested dealers should complete our standard Application for a Uniform Construction Permit, which can be found here. When submitting this form to our department, please also include the following items: a copy of the lease agreement with the owner of the property on which the tent will be constructed, a copy of your company’s Certificate of Flame Retardace, proof of liability and workman’s compensation insurance, and an inventory of the products that will be sold at your stand.


Brentwood Borough residents are required to follow Allegheny County Health Department guidelines concerning campfires, grills, barbeque pits, outdoor fireplaces, and similar recreational burning activities and devices. These fires may be no greater than three (3) feet in diameter and must be located at least fifteen (15) feet from the nearest building. Only clean, dry wood may be utilized to fuel the fire; the burning of discarded wooden materials or trash of any kind is prohibited. Recreational fires must be attended at all times. Our office will issue notices of violation to residents who fail to prevent smoke from infringing upon neighboring properties or the public street.


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