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Although disaster readiness starts at the individual and family level, it is vital that a community and its institutions be prepared for the worst. Strong emergency planning can protect lives, mitigate property damage, and hasten the alleviation of inconveniences like closed roads and downed power lines. Although Brentwood Borough has a low crime rate and is located far from the region’s most flood-prone river valleys, it is not immune from hazardous situations. In the winter of 2010, the Borough was among a wide array of communities that were plagued by a paralyzing snowstorm; however, through the leadership of our emergency management coordinator and the quick action of our employees, our municipality was up and running again in no time! The Brentwood Police Department will always make every effort to safeguard our community even under the most severe circumstances.  


Residents can view both our emergency management procedures and the county-wide disaster response protocol as PDF documents below. We also offer links to tips from the federal government on how to stay safe during the most common weather disasters.


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Non-Emergency Police Contact

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Do NOT contact the department via email about any concern that requires an officer's response. All service calls must be directed to 911.