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Brentwood Borough is a welcoming and understanding community that strives to provide the highest possible quality-of-life for our senior and disabled citizens. Under certain circumstances, we provide on-street handicapped parking to qualified residents at no cost. The Application for a Handicapped Parking Space can be found in PDF format below.     


The municipal code requires that the following conditions be met prior to the designation of a parking stall as for handicapped access:
•    The applicant holds a valid “person with a disability” or “disabled veteran” placard.
•    The applicant does not have a driveway or parking pad on his or her property.
•    There are no other handicapped parking spaces in the same block as the requested space (or, if parking is allowed on both side of the street in said block, there are no other handicapped stalls on the same side of the street as the requested space).
•    The requested space does not pose a traffic hazard.
Please note that an applicant is not guaranteed access to an installed spot. Any individual in legal possession of a handicapped parking placard may utilize the space.  Although this service is provided free of charge, residents who receive on-street handicapped spaces are required to submit an annual renewal document.

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