Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Infrastructure Projects

Borough Building Project Now Out for Bids

On February 5th, the Borough will review proposals from general contractors for the long-awaited municipal building project. Proposals will be accpeted through 10AM and will include all construction aspects, including HVAC, electrical, and plumbing, in a single award. In accordance with state law, the selected firm must adhere to prevailing wage standards. A mandatory pre-bid conference will take place on January 17th at 1:30PM. For more information, please review the legal notification here

Notifications Issued for Next Phase of Sidewalk Restoration Program

The Borough's initiative to improve its walkability is about to enter its five year. In 2019, Brentwood will partner with homeowners and a local contractor to eliminate sidewalk defects on Heathmore Avenue, Spangler Avenue, and Elroy Avenue, as well as on portions of Pary Street, Meadowbrook Boulevard, and Kaufmann Avenue. Based upon feedback from prior participants, the Borough will no longer be physically marking the defective slabs but will instead transmit an image of the damaged area with issued enrollment forms. It is anticipated that the Borough will award a vendor contract in March. A copy of the application can be attained here.

Pair of Awarded Contracts Move Borough Building Project Forward

The great eyesore of Brownsville Road will soon be no more. Council formally ratified an agreement with Continental Construction to demolish the dilapidated Snee Dairy structure. The building will be removed and the site will be backfilled to allow for construction of a new municipal complex to begin in March. Additionally, the Borough selected Dagostino Electronics to design and install the telecommunications, security, and audio-visual systems for this new facility.