As I was purusing my email a few days ago, I received a message that really caught my eye.  When writing in my capcaity as a borough employee, it's sometimes hard to put into words just how I feel about our community.  However, as a resident of Brentwood, I could not agree more with the genuine sentiments of these two individuals, who are currently looking to purchase a property in our town.  Their comments say quite a bit about how warm and welcoming our neighbors are to outsiders.



I just wanted to take a moment and let you know how impressed we are as outsiders with your community.  My partner, Paul, and I are currently searching for our new "forever home", and for some reason we just keep coming back to Brentwood.  We're currently working with our realtor to locate the perfect home, and Brentwood seems to have quite a supply.

The neighborhoods and homes are all very charming, well-kept and tidy, and that's exactly what we're looking for. There seems to be an ethical standard here that we're not used to seeing practiced where we currently live.  It's nice to see so many friendly people out & about, so many businesses catering to the local community, and neighbors that take an active role in their community's health and vitality.

We currently live in McKees Rocks (I know, I know), and believe me, they could stand to take a lesson or two from you folks!  We've tried to become involved and make a difference in many ways, but it's just not something the municipality is focused on.  Needless to say, we are quite anxious to move, and be among people we feel we have things in common with - specifically pride in our home and surroundings, and a dedication to making our neighborhood safe and relaxing.

We moved to PA three years ago and knew nothing about the Pittsburgh area, but got such a great deal on our current house we couldn't pass it up.  We've just finished a complete renovation, and it's finally time to move on.  Brentwood feels like home to us...for our sake, I hope we find just the right place!  We wish you all continued success and good fortune...

Rob Doerr
Paul Barnard