Wednesday, January 22, 2020

“Hope is not strategy. Hope fits with vision, but we must have a strategy and a process to make our vision become a reality.” -John C. Maxwell

Brentwood Borough staff has been busy this summer preparing to draft its next Five-Year Strategic Plan. Strategic planning is a valuable tool for municipalities of all sizes as a way to plan for future goals and priorities with specific, measurable policy objectives and work plans. Strategic planning also involves completing a deep analysis of the current internal circumstances and external environment facing a municipality. The process will allow the Borough to identify needs and weaknesses while leveraging its strengths and opportunities to increase quality of life for the residents. A five-year strategic plan features a short enough horizon to bring about achievable changes, while also features a long enough horizon to encourage decision to be made with the future in mind.

This process has involved reflecting on past strategic plans to see which goals have been accomplished, as well as which goals have been more difficult to complete and why they have not been reached. The most recent strategic plan, for example, led to the hiring of a Parks and Recreation Director, more community wide events, the redevelopment of the Brentwood Pool and Park, and construction of a new municipal building. However, as before, WE NEED YOUR INPUT! This process will once again entail inclucive and transparent engagement with Borough residents, employees, and Council members. As with past plans, we will respect and balance community input with the vision of our elected officials. At the conclusion of this process, December 2019, we will adopt a five year plan with realistic objectives and key results.

Next steps will involve gathering the COMMUNITY’s INPUT!! A survey is available at . This survey will capture data on your current perceptions of Borough services and the topics on which you think we should focus in the coming years. The results of this survey will be the starting point for a full day Council Planning Workshop.

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