Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Our Community

County Officials Remind Residents of Election Regulations

A shortage of workers caused Allegheny County to close the majority of its polling places during the June 2020 primary election. However, the Elections Division has confirmed that, for the November 2020 general election, individuals who choose to cast a ballot in person will do so at their regular location. Brentwood Borough will once again feature eight separate polling places; residents who are unsure as to their assigned voting precinct can confirm the appropriate location online here. Note that this will be the final election during which the current Brentwood Municipal Building will be utilized as a polling place.

Although all Pennsylvanians are now entitled to vote by mail, please note that, unlike in some other states, registered voters will not automatically receive a ballot. However, state law does give voters the option to request mailed ballots in perpetuity. To apply for a mailed ballot, please click here. Ballot requests must be submitted no later than October 27th. Completed ballots should be received by the Elections Bureau no later than 8PM on November 3rd. However, a recent Pennsylvania Supreme Court ruling requires the counting of any ballot that is postmarked by Election Day and received by November 6th. Please also note that the Supreme Court has ruled that mailed ballots will not be counted unless the voter correctly fills out the declaration form (which requires a signature), places their ballot inside the smaller secrecy envelope, and places the secrecy envelope inside the larger envelope that is to be mailed.

Free Food to Be Provided to Residents in Need

As the effects of the novel coronavirus continue to cause profound economic stress, it is recognized than many families are now struggling to pay for basic necessities. Residents who are in need of assistance with maintaining access to food are encouraged to attend an upcoming drive-through distribution. The Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank and local nonprofit SHIM will be providing three prepackaged boxes of food to up to 1000 vehicles. The event will take place on Saturday, May 16th, from 11AM to 1PM at South Hills Village.

Brentwood Polling Places Consolidated for June Election

Cornerstone American institutions, including our cherished system of democracy, have been forced to adapt to the strange new reality of the Covid-19 pandemic. The principles of social distancing will also soon be temporarily applied to the ballot box, as, for the upcoming June 2nd primary, Allegheny County is encouraging all citizens to take advantage of a mail-in option to cast their choices for party nominees. To protect vulnerable poll workers from exposure, physical voting locations will be concurrently consolidated. For this election only, all Brentwood residents who choose to vote in person will do so at the Community Room in the rear of the Brentwood Library.