Wednesday, October 04, 2023


In Allegheny County alone, there are 130 distinct municipalities.  Suburban communities stretch into neighboring Beaver, Butler, Washington, and Westmoreland Counties.  With so many choices available, why should you choose to call Brentwood home? 

Brentwood is a dense and walkable community.  Because the majority of Brentwood’s housing stock was constructed before 1960, the town was not designed solely for automobile travel, as are many more recently developed neighborhoods.  Modern Brentwood began its existence as a streetcar suburb, and this heritage is reflected in the Main Street charm of Brownsville Road, our well maintained sidewalk infrastructure, and the close-but-cozy placement of homes in the older part of our town.  With gas prices projected to rise over the long term, Brentwood’s compact design makes it easy for residents to leave their cars at home, as restaurants, retail shops, and medical offices can easily be reached by foot or by bicycle.  

…but Brentwood also features adequate green space and parking.  Although Brentwood has a much more urban feel than the area’s outer communities, it holds true to its suburban roots.  Our Borough is not a crowded concrete jungle but rather a quiet, family-oriented environment.  The lush, rolling topography of the community provides a vivid background of greenery, while the shade trees along our Brownsville Road corridor offer a countryside feel.  Almost every home in our municipality features an adequate yard, and many residents have chosen to accentuate their properties with vibrant gardens.  Nearly all Brentwood roadways are peaceful, low volume thoroughfares, and the majority of our community’s residences offer off-street parking options.  

…and Brentwood mixes the urban with the suburban at a reasonable price.  Most streetcar suburbs were designed as and continue to be the domain of the wealthy, but Brentwood has always functioned as a solidly middle class community.  In fact, many desirable and well-maintained homes can be attained for less than $100,000!

Brentwood residents can easily reach the business and cultural destinations of the city.  Tired of that long commute?  Brentwood residents avoid the “Parkway problems” that plague so many of our region’s residents.  Whether you’re heading to work, school, a game, a show, or a night on the town, traveling to the city is always a breeze.  Downtown Pittsburgh is just 15 minutes away via Route 51 and the Liberty Tunnels.  Sick of rising gas prices and steep parking rates?  Brentwood residents can relax and leave the driving to the Port Authority.  Three standard bus lines provide frequent service along our Brownsville Road and Route 51 corridors, while two rush hour express routes offer a rapid connection to our community. 

…but they are just around the corner from suburban shopping hubs.  Brentwood contains a vibrant business district with both distinctive specialty stores and national merchants.  While nearly all everyday shopping needs can be satisfied without ever leaving the Borough, residents can quickly and easily reach a number of popular retail centers.  The affordable stores of Century III Mall and Century Square, the upscale shops of South Hills Village, and the open-air amenities of The Waterfront are all less than 15 minutes from town.

Brentwood features historic and impressive architecture.  Brentwood Borough is not a community of cookie cutter structures.  Our municipality features a diverse array of charming architecture.  Brentwood’s housing stock includes ornate Victorian-inspired mansions, elegant American Craftsman bungalows, rustic English-style cottages, and industrious mid-century Cape Cods and Colonials.  Many of our buildings feature hidden architectural gems, such as stained glass windows, intricate woodworking, or delicate wrought iron balconies. 

…but Brentwood is also in constant state or reinvention and redevelopment.  Although our community proudly celebrates its past, Brentwood is also strongly oriented toward the future.  Over the past decade, the Borough has been the site of major construction projects that have brought new jobs and businesses to the municipality without altering its unique character.  For example, Brentwood Towne Square replaced an antiquated shopping center with a new plaza that combines ample parking with a small town atmosphere and a pedestrian-friendly environment.  Similarly, the new Brentwood Professional Plaza provides modern medical office space while simultaneously offering ascetically-pleasing architecture than blends in well with its surroundings. 

Brentwood still contains a neighborhood school to stimulate the minds of our youth.  In most communities across the country, the era of the small, local school is a distant memory.  Even in Pennsylvania, nearly all districts serve children from multiple municipalities.  Brentwood students are afforded the unique opportunity to attend a school that is within walking distance.  There are no long bus rides or overcrowded classrooms in our Borough.  Our school district provides students with a rigorous education in a safe learning environment while concurrently affording them an array of extracurricular activities.   

…and also features a modern and attractive park in which they can play.  In our technology-driven world, children have a plethora of new entertainment options; unfortunately, many of these activities allow our youth to remain indoors and to stay sedentary.  Brentwood Borough affords its children the opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors in a safe and close-to-home setting.  With a playground, walking track, public pool, and numerous athletic fields, our facility has something for everyone!  Our park also features a busy schedule of organized sporting events in which our young people can learn leadership and teamwork while simultaneously increasing their physical fitness.  

But most of all, Brentwood possesses an incredible community spirit.  Visitors and transplants to the Pittsburgh region have noticed that our corner of the world features a strong sense of community pride.  Perhaps it comes from our blue collar industrial heritage or the rugged topography that creates clear neighborhood boundaries.  Although its source is intangible, its manifestations are clear: Pittsburghers have a reputation for being welcoming to newcomers and for extending a helping hand to neighbors in need.  In Brentwood Borough, our residents demonstrate an especially strong commitment to bettering the community through volunteering and mutual aid.  Our citizens are also proud of our local organizations and events and heavily patronize our high school football games, Fourth of July parade, and charitable get-togethers.  In the words of local icon Fred Rogers, we warmly ask “please won’t you be our neighbor?”