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Allegheny County requires dog owners to obtain an annual license for their pet. Licensing protects man’s best friend from being placed in overcrowded or unsanitary conditions, while it concurrently increases the likelihood that owners will be recover a lost animal. For information on acquiring or renewing a license, call (412) 350-4111 or visit the Treasurer's Office website.  


Please note that, although neither the County nor the Borough regulate cats, all property owners are bound by the terms of Chapter 76 of the municipal code, which limits to four (4) the number of animals that may be housed at any residence.


Brentwood Police work closely with Animal Advocates, an area nonprofit organization, to reunite pet owners with animals that have gone missing. Our officers make every effort to uncover identifying information about the location of a pet’s home. If ownership cannot be determined, the department puts the pet in the caring hands of Animal Advocates, which ensures that the animal is placed under the supervision of a foster volunteer. To learn more about the program, please view the brochure below or visit the organization website


Although Brentwood Borough is located in a highly urban environment, the wooded and hilly topography of the region makes the municipality a prime habitat for deer, raccoons, and other wild animals. To report a nuisance wild animal or an animal that has been killed in a vehicular collision, please call 911 to request service from the Police Department. To take advantage of the Borough’s free rodent elimination service, please click here.


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Do NOT contact the department via email about any concern that requires an officer's response. All service calls must be directed to 911.