Monday, September 25, 2023


The Department of Public Works is proud to have joined forces with the Department of Building Inspection/Code Enforcement in an aggressive community beautification initiative. Although the vast majority of structures are maintained with great pride and care, some properties develop frustrating and recurring problems. For example, a bank may absolve itself from responsibility over a foreclosed building or a family may neglect its responsibility to provide upkeep to the home of a deceased loved one.


The DPW works to prevent vacant properties from becoming blemishes on the community by actively performing basic grounds maintenance at the request of the Department of Building Inspection/Code Enforcement. Our laborers remove unsightly garbage and debris from exterior areas and address grass and other plant growth before it becomes an unruly eyesore. Additionally, when a resident with a closed trash account places any item at the curb for collection, the DPW is charged with removal of this rubbish.


Brentwood leadership feels strongly that the municipality’s tax payers should not be punished for the inaction of a small number of out-of-town property owners. As a result, we directly bill land owners for our services and instruct our attorneys to file liens against the properties of those who refuse to provide reimbursement.

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