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The vast majority of the streets in Brentwood Borough are municipally owned and maintained. The Department of Public Works is responsible for ensuring that our road system provides motorists with a safe and smooth ride. Our staff acts quickly to patch potholes, repair damaged curbs, and recoat faded traffic lines. The DPW also executes Council traffic management decisions in regard to the location of stop signs, fire lanes, parking stalls, crosswalks, VASCAR timing lines, and other transportation control devices.      


Although Brentwood Borough was incorporated nearly a century ago, the Department of Public Works uses long term planning and forecasting to protect our infrastructure from showing its age. Our department supervisor works closely with the municipal engineer to periodically study the quality of each Borough street. As a result, we are able to ascertain measurable data on road surface conditions and to design paving plans that address the thoroughfares with the greatest maintenance needs. Additionally, the DPW has compiled a comprehensive sign inventory that aids staff in prioritizing the replacement of signs that are damaged, faded, or lack sufficient reflectivity.  


To view the results of our most recent pavement study, see the PDF documents below.


Date 2015-03-30
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