Sunday, December 16, 2018


Billing Updates Provide Benefits to Customers


Brentwood Borough seeks to provide its residents with a variety of convenient methods for satisfying their sewage and refuse bills.  Beginning in January 2018, the municipality will change its vendor relationship so as to provide a more user friendly customer experience.  Brentwood Bank will assume responsibility for providing lockbox services. Mailed payments will be processed at their local branch. In order for a credit to be applied to your account, please make certain to mail your check, along with the enclosed remittance coupon to P.O. Box 98129, Pittsburgh, PA 15227.  Payments can also be hand delivered to the dropbox that is located in the bank's drive-thru lane. Brentwood Bank tellers are not permitted to handle Borough sewage payments.


Customers who prefer to pay online can utilize the "X-Press Pay" module.  In response to feedback regarding the cumbersome layout of the current "Payer Express" system, Brentwood has chosen to work with a company that offers a clean, easy-to-navigate interface. Additionally, residents will now have the opportunity to schedule automatic deductions from a bank account by returning a simple form to the lockbox address.

Convenient New Combined Sewage and Refuse Bills Coming This July


In response to a 2015 policy change by incumbent trash contractor Republic Services, the Borough of Brentwood is preparing to internally generate refuse invoices for its residential service customers. This firm no long collects delinquent balances that are in excess of 90 days past due; rather, these amounts are currently directly satisfied by the Borough at significant expense. Brentwood recognizes that it is inequitable to require residents who promptly respond to their bills to pick up the tab for those individuals who have failed to make the required payment. The Borough had previously outlined its intention to rectify this deficiency by issuing separate delinquency notices to complement the quarterly statements provided by Republic Services. However, upon further investigation of this proposal, it was noted that this arrangement would both be confusing to our residents and administratively cumbersome. As a result, Brentwood has chosen to streamline the payment process for these critical services by producing a bill that combines both sewage and refuse fees.


The issuance of a single monthly statement will allow residents to save time and postage by writing a single check. The switch from quarterly trash bills is additionally beneficial to customers who are on a budget, as it divides refuse charges into smaller, more manageable payments. The new system additionally eliminates “free riders,” as the Borough will now automatically apply refuse fees to any active residential sewage account.


Please note that future delinquent balances will be subject to a penalty of $5 if the account is more than one month past due; an additional $10 surcharge will be applied if the balance is more than three months in arrears. If you believe that there is a delinquent amount associated with your account, contact the Borough today at 412-884-1500 x115 or x118 so as to avoid the imposition of these charges.

Leaf Collection Services Keeps Yards Neat, Infrastructure Clear


In Western Pennsylvania, early October brings colorful changes to our landscape, as trees transition from verdant shades of green to vivid yellows, oranges, and reds. However, as the calendar moves all too rapidly toward winter, brisk rains and swirling winds will cause this foliage to drop onto our yards and roadways. Fallen leaves not only mean slippery sidewalks and driveways; they can also cause major headaches for both municipalities and residents if they are allowed to obstruct stormwater infrastructure. For six consecutive weeks beginning October 26th and ending November 20th, trash vendor Republic Services will offer curbside leaf collection. Property owners are asked to rake leaves on a weekly basis and place in brown biodegradable bags. Please do not store leaves, whether bagged or otherwise, near any inlets, catch basins, manholes, or other storm sewer structures.