Monday, September 25, 2023


In Allegheny County, emergency service calls for Police, Fire, and EMS responders are handled through a central 911 office. In the event of an emergency, ALWAYS DIAL 911. Emergency requests CANNOT be directly routed through our local departments.


In our discussions with residents, we have learned that many individual are apprehensive about dialing 911 unless they witness a serious crime or medical episode. However, the county 911 system uses advanced technology to assure that all calls are promptly answered. Even relatively “minor” concerns should be addressed via the 911 dispatchers. For example, this hotline should be used to register a noise complaint, to alert the police about a suspicious person, to report illegally parked vehicles, or to inform the Borough about littering or illegal dumping.


In regards to public safety matters, residents should only dial the Borough offices if they have an administrative concern (i.e. attaining a police report, following up with an officer regarding a case) or if they would like to obtain an informative health or safety brochure.

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Non-Emergency Police Contact

Police Department
Informational Inquiries Only
Do NOT contact the department via email about any concern that requires an officer's response. All service calls must be directed to 911.