Wednesday, April 01, 2020


On October 27th, 2014, the Bethel Park Animal Clinic will be offering two critical animal care services in Brentwood Borough. Rabies vaccinations will be offered at a $10 per pet fee.  Owners will also have the opportunity to purchase $45 identification microchips that contain the name of your furry friend and the address of your home. Installed via a painless surgery, these mirochips significantly increase the odds of lost pet recovery. Both procedures will be offered between 12PM and 3PM at the Brentwood Volunteer Fire Station, which is located at 3433 Brownsville Road. 

ZHB Schedule

Next meeting: March 25th

Subject: 1) Request by Mr. Jeremy Polito of Quaker State Construction for relief from Section 18 of the Zoning Code. Applicant is seeking to install a deck at 449 E Garden Road that is closer than the 5' minimum setback from a side property line.

2) Request by Ms. Iris Bandini for relef from Section 38 of the Zoning Code. Applicant is seeking to install a fence in the front yard of 308 Threnhauser Way.

Zoning Hearing Board Members

Mr. Phillip Hoebler, chair

Ms. Sandra Andrews, vice chair

Mr. Jayson Livingston, member

Mr. Herbert Sill, member

Mr. David Tinker, member

Mr. Jeffrey George, alternate